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United Kingdom

Stock Rosettes

This rosette is available in one or two tiers of a medium box pleat. It has a 50mm centre, two x 25mm x 150mm tails and your choice of fixing. Diameter:- One tier 82mm. Two tier 108mm.
CODE  ER1:"Clear Round" in mixed colours
    ER2:"Special" in mixed colours.
    ER3"Happy Birthday" in mixed colours.
    ER4:Red "1st", Blue "2nd", Yellow "3rd", Green "4th”, Orange “5th” & Purple “6th”,
    ER5:“Well Done” in mixed colours
    ER6:"Merry Christmas” in mixed colours
    ER7:“Winner” in mixed colours
    ER8:“Sports Day” in mixed colours
    ER9:“Special Award” in mixed colours
1 Tier £0.58 2 Tier £0.76
Champion/Best in Show/Reserves in this range are 3 tier and priced at £0.95.