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We pride ourselves on supplying a top quality product at a fair price. All of our rosettes are handmade using quality embossed or woven edge ribbon and come in a variety of styles to suit all budgets.

Rosettes with stock centres start as low as 64p, personalised club or luxury ranges are generally larger and start at 89p each.

We have a wide selection of motifs available, but can produce customised logos if required, and colour printing is also available.

Prices include your choice of fixing and there is no VAT to add. If you can order at least 6 weeks before you need your rosettes, there is a 5% discount.

The website has only the most popular styles shown, but we produce many more, so if you cannot see anything you like please contact us.

Ribbon Colours

Using our ribbon colour guide you can design your own colour scheme. Due to scanner and monitor limitations this must be used as a guide only. If you would like samples of any colours please contact us.

Due to batch dye variations colours may vary, these however are slight and every effort will be made to match colours.

Stock Rosettes

This rosette is available in one or two tiers of a medium box pleat. It has a 50mm centre, two x 25mm x 150mm tails and your choice of fixing.

Diameter:- One tier 82mm. Two tier 108mm.


Personalised Rosettes

This range is ideal if you are looking to add your own event name or logo to the rosettes.
They come with a 68mm diameter centre and with a variety of tail lengths and widths. Using the same high quality ribbon, with your choice of fixing to the rear.
We have a selection of motifs for centre printing which can be used with your text around the outside, and a wide range of colours and ribbons for you to choose.
Due to the number of colour and motif combinations to order personalised rosettes you will need to download and complete the order form. We will then comeback to you with a quote. Alternatively please feel free to phone to discuss your individual requirements. Please note as these rosettes are handmade to order the lead time is longer than stock range rosettes.

Rosette Centres
Club, Luxury or Sovereign rosettes with 50mm or oval centres are also available.
Centre printing is limited with this style of a rosettes. Please call for details.
Add 10p each for oval rosettes.

Personalized logos and artwork plates can be made for your club or business. A one of charge of around £22 is made for this service and would apply to the first order only. Please call for a quote.

Tails and tail printing
To alter the look of your rosettes, why not add longer or wider tails?
Change from 25mm to 36mm wide tails - add 5p per tail.
You can also add extra tails. For 25mm - add 5p, and for 36mm - add 10p per tail.
For longer tails - add 1p per inch.

Tail printing is 70p for the first tail of each type setting and 20p thereafter.
There may be a surcharge for wording more than 19 letters.

Other Charges
Small orders with personalised printing (less than £30) will incur a set up charge of £5.00.
We reserve the right to charge for excessive type changes to small orders.
During busy times, orders with less than 14 days lead time will incur a 10% surcharge, however if you are able to give at least 6 weeks notice, you will receive a 5% discount.